Employment Opportunities

City University Schools are public charter college preparatory schools located in Memphis, Tennessee, home of the Blues and Elvis Presley. Our students are recruited from low-performing schools within the Shelby County School District each year, but by the time these students near graduation, they have become well-developed scholars. Administrators and faculty spend a great deal of required time with scholars, to assist in scholar development–individually and collectively. City University is more than a network of schools, it is a family, and everyone is expected to bring a worthy contribution of energy, passion, and dedication to the learning environment.

All individuals applying for a position should submit a cover letter explaining why you would like to work at City University Schools; the position you are pursuing; a resume and proof of your professional license. Teachers should also submit teaching examples that display creativity and the ability to connect with students.

Benefits of working at City University Schools include: administrators and faculty at our school are involved with innovative strategies; we are a model for other schools and districts; and our salary and benefits package suitably compensates the time and skills expected of highly qualified individuals in support of the school and its scholars.

To view City University Schools Reorganization Structure chart, click here.

For additional information, please contact Mrs. Felicia P. Hartsfield, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of The Influence1 Foundation.